Expedition Trip

The Expedition Trip is a popular choice amongst teachers, students and corporates. This adventure ride, which takes anywhere from 2 hours onwards, explores the rustic island’s tranquil trail via the large interlinked network of Park Connectors (PCN).

Participants will navigate along picturesque rivers and canals connecting them to the major parks which offer its explorers a natural, cultural and historical experience.

Apart from the fun aspect, the expedition trip also educates the participants on the importance of riding as a team, creating a good team bonding experience while riding safely and adhering to all road safety regulations.

Age Category: 10 – 18 years old
Duration: 2 hours per session (can be customised)
Group Size: Up to 30 students (Depending on current SMM). Teachers may join to ensure safe distancing between groups.
Riding area: Park Connector (route can be customised)
Equipment: All biking equipment and helmets will be provided

This is a Sports Education Program endorsed by SportSG, where school only pays half the cost, as the other half is paid by MOE (Applicable to local MOE schools).

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