We have had the pleasure of working with various schools and are in the midst of organizing for many more this year.

These include MOE schools; Primary, Secondary and Junior Colleges as well as International and Private Schools such as After School Student Care Centres and Pre Schools.  


Our school programs are customized based on the school’s requirement and we are able to assist the teachers in-charge, in their planning.

This includes the following: 

  • No. of students  
  • Single session program / long term (catering to large capacity over a few days / weeks)  
  • Within school premises / external venue

Students are taught and guided in a small group setting by our MOE registered trainers so as to create a focused group learning experience. All cycling equipment including helmets, are provided. Our various programs include training students to acquire the skill of balance when in motion, educating the importance of safe riding and creating an experiential learning journey amongst others. Programs can be customised for teachers as well, as part of their staff retreat.  

Kindly refer to our Programs page for more details.